The Story Behind

ProductHunt, BetaList, TechCrunch, Hacker News, Reddit and other sites all have a huge impact on the traction a startup or a bootstrapped micro service might gain at the very beginning »

How to Throw A Hackathon

After I attended several hackathons in the past either as participant, mentor or team captain, I’ve had the pleasure to be one of the co-initiators of the »

Innovation In Health Care

Health Care and Life Sciences are amongst the most regulated sectors of the world. The way modern health care systems work is strongly influenced by different gate-keeping systems. Big pharma »

Let's Talk About CC

OK, Yahoo did it: After launching Wall Art, they will finally sell prints from CC-licenced photos of their Flickr users. The internet is embarrassed. But why? Actually, the "commercial" flag »

Apple, We Have To Talk!

Dear Apple, I got my latest MacBook Pro model only a short while ago. Of course I've heard about the Yosemite thing you were going to roll out. And now »