I've Had My 15 Minutes Of Fame

Yes, this blog got mentioned on HackerNews. It was even position one for a short time! It was Saturday, around 8pm CEST, when the blog post about Google+ made it »

Google Stops Forcing You To Join Google+ When Opening A New Account

Google started its Google Plus as a social network. In the beginning, it grew rapidly because Google forced everyone to create a Google+ profile when signing up for any of »

Robert Solow And The Club Of Rome

Robert Solow, Nobel prize winner and economist, is first and foremost known for the growth model he described. As an active researcher Solow steadily (pun intended) tries to validate his »

Disruption: What Webworkers Should Learn From Uber

Uber is the new kid on the block and a rising startup star. The losers: Taxis. For digital natives it is easy to blame the taxi drivers for being technophobic »

DNS errors - No Mails Received! (should be fixed)

Due to an error in the nameserver configuration I did not receive any email to any of my domains (onlinetrust.de, sebastiansteins.com, seb.st) within the last 2 hours »