Apple, We Have To Talk!

Dear Apple, I got my latest MacBook Pro model only a short while ago. Of course I've heard about the Yosemite thing you were going to roll out. And now »

Google Extends Ultimatum to German Publishers: Snippets to be cut in 2 Weeks

German publishers lobbied for some kind of "lex Google". It will prohibit small extractions from press articles to be used as snippets in search result or news aggregators. Basically, search »

How to Win A Hackathon

Photo by Ralf Roletschek - CC BY SA Hackathons are great events for startup guys. They can be used to validate your idea, to find likeminded people and eventually to »

This Time Is Different!

Photo by Colourbox. All rights reserved. "One of the smartest VCs has a ominous warning for the tech industry": Business Insider on Sep, 15. Ten days later: "Another top investor » - The Social Network Game Changer?

I am on ello. I am just looking around. If you want an invitation code, please feel free to drop me a line! »